Slight scare this morning – we had an earthquake north of the island at 5.30 am. It was over quite quickly so there wasn’t enough time to panic. As minor as it was, I was still happy that my daughter slept through it. I had not too long woken up so I was still a bit woozy and confused when it happened.

I was sitting in front of the computer, working on a post, looked around, didn’t see anyone who could have yanked my chair – when I thought it might be over- I immediately googled ‘earthquake Barbados’ and saw nothing about what had happened (it was only later when my head cleared up that I thought to filter the search to within the last hour, ‘facepalm’!). My mum then phoned- of course, she had done the sensible thing- she had turned on the radio! She filled me in on everything and we later got more from the reports on T.V.

The immediate concern after hearing that there were no reports of damage or loss of life here in Barbados or on the other islands (thank God – hopefully it stays that way!), was the possibility of after-shocks or a tsunami. Hopefully we won’t get either of those things but I understand that the possibility of a tsunami is extremely rare and likely to be very negligible (in this case) if it did occur.

In Barbados, we are definitely not used to getting shaken about, hence this post! The only other earthquake I have ever experienced was in 2007 and I am pretty sure  that was enough rattling to last me a lifetime!

Anyway, on to business.

Bajan Wed