Are you spending a romantic night in for Valentine’s Day? Here are some great ideas to get you started on setting the mood!

Valentine's Day; A Romantic Night In


  1. This “What I Love About You- Fill In Book “ is genius and one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts I have seen yet!
  2. Set your tabletop with cute, decorative letters that spell out your love, like these porcelain letters from Nordstrom.
  3. Nibble on some yummy Red Hot Macarons!! The ones pictured here are from Dana’s Bakery.
  4. Go all Haiku on your sweetie with with this cute poetry game.
  5. Nothing sets the mood like the sweet scent of roses– heavenly!
  6. Oooh, this ‘Love’ pillow makes it easy to curl up (or have a pillow fight).
  7. I love cards that are unique and this letterpress printed card on wood paper from Sugar Paper is so adorable!
  8. On my to-do list! Originally titled, ‘The Captain’s Verses’, the Nobel Prize winner wrote this collection of poems while in exile on the island of Capri¬†to his sweetheart Matilde Urrutia.¬†
  9. Enjoy a French Kiss cocktail for the night, garnished with Hershey’s kisses or strawberries!

Of course, this list can not be complete without some music! So look out for a special playlist tomorrow!

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