Bright and colorful and traditional, this Korean wedding inspiration seeks to pay homage to cultural traditions and display a wedding attire in a fashion forward way!

from the photographer: “My team and I are excited to share an incredibly inspiring wedding fashion shoot. The concept behind the shoot revolves around modern brides paying homage to their cultural traditions and heritage, resulting in a captivating bridal look.

To bring this unique idea to life, we decided to create a custom-made Korean Hanbok dress specifically designed for the shoot. The Hanbok, known for its elegance and timeless charm. Our goal was to create the essence of a modern wedding while infusing it with the beauty and richness of traditional Korean attire.

Throughout the shoot, we aimed to showcase the fusion of tradition and modernity in a way that celebrates diversity and encourages the preservation of cultural heritage. We truly believe that this shoot captures the essence of a global society that cherishes and respects its cultural traditions.”

Photography: Lola Alalykina / / @lola_photo
Idea & Style: Maria Pesniaeva
Flowers: Save The Date Decor
Muah & Hair: Olga Davydova
Model: Yana Mulaeva
Traditional costume Custom Made by Irina Makarova
Hat – custom made

Bajan Wed