wedding-favor-love-stampImage-Inspirational Shoot via Wedding Chicks (Alea Lovely Photo)

Confession: as much as I am a die-hard romantic (a fact that I still have difficulty to admitting), I have never been into Valentine’s Day. I guess it just always seemed so manufactured and commercial. It can also force expectations onto people.

In my younger days I took to wearing black on that day as a form of protest – then one day I turned up at school to find that pretty much everyone else had the same idea. The revolt had gone mainstream and I, being my fabulously fickle teenage self , decided that I was bored with the whole thing and went back to wearing regular clothes (i.e colours at random).

To this day, I still can’t bring myself to wear red or pink on Feb. 14th. Then again I never really owned much of anything in those colours to begin with :).

Anyway, the point of this long-winded story is to explain why I was so taken by surprise over the fact that recently, I’m actually feeling drawn into the whole Valentine’s thing- colours included.

It’s really triggering a lot of inspiration for me and…I am loving it! Maybe the romantic in me finally won out. Maybe marriage and motherhood has softened me and turned my brains to mush- who knows?

Now, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I would change my wardrobe stance but it is nice for once to get swept up by the fervor of reds and pinks all around me. So, here are some inspiration boards born out of this sudden mania.

The Blush of Romance {Blush, Pink, Gold}

Images- Gift tags by CharonelDesigns (via Etsy), Cake via Wedding Inspirasi (Tumblr), Candy bar via Style Me Pretty (Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography), Invitation Suite by Paper Source, Tablescape via Brideindream, Table Setting via Pinterest

Siren Red

red-inspirationImages- Photo Art by AmeliaKayPhotography (Etsy), Red Wedding Dress via Dumage,  Cake by Willow Bird Baking, Lollipop via Pinterest, Centerpiece via Pinterest, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (Tutorial) via Farm Chicks, Red Favors via Pinterest

Purple Haze

Images- Red Themed Wedding via Delightfully Engaged (Asgari Photography), Centerpiece by Boella, Handfelted Soaps by Sofino (Etsy), Candy via Pinterest, Vivienne Westwood Shoes via Love & Lavender (Gabriel Ryan Photo)

Classic Valentine’s {Red, Pink, White}

Images- Ombre Wedding via Lasting Impressions (Red Ribbon Studio Photo), Wedding Cake by Wicked Cakes via Tied Bow, Valentine’s Wedding via Grey Likes Weddings (Adam Barnes Photo), Strawberry Meringue (Recipe) via Libertine Eats, DIY painted frames via Shelterness, Bouquet via Wedding Chicks (Laura Kinsey Fine Art Wedding Photography)

Bajan Wed