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Today, we have another Venue Highlight for you!! Our latest entry is The Barbados Museum & Historical Society (you can also find them in our Directory).

Tell us a bit about the Barbados Museum and Historical Society.

Located in Barbados’ UNESCO World Heritage Property, the Barbados Museum brings the island’s rich history and culture to life. Exhibits in the Museum’s 19th century buildings, which formerly housed a military prison, reveal Barbados’ natural and social history, African heritage, military history, decorative arts and fine arts.  This historic venue with its lush gardens and cobblestone courtyard, provides the perfect setting for any outdoor wedding.

Do you host both ceremonies and receptions?

Yes, here at the museum we facilitate both wedding ceremonies and receptions. The Barbados Museum has two wonderfully contrasting courtyards which provide an elegant and romantic setting for your special day. The lower courtyard is spacious and surrounded by the flowering plants of Barbados providing the perfect garden atmosphere. This contrasts beautifully to the old world elegance of the upper courtyard, separated by two large trees which add character to the area.

What is the maximum number of guests the venue can host?

For ceremonies the Museum can host a maximum of 300 persons seated theatre style. The lower courtyard can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 210 persons in banquet style seating. The upper courtyard can accommodate a maximum of 100 persons in banquet style seating- in the largest area, however more persons can be accommodated depending on the layout which the client chooses.

Are tents provided?

The package chosen by the client will determine whether tents will be included. However, we are very willing and able to assist clients with sourcing tents at no additional cost – we just pass on the cost of the supplier.

How far in advance should the venue be booked?

In order to secure your date, the venue should be booked as soon as you have decided you want to host your event at the Museum.

Is a deposit required? If so, when should it be paid and is it refundable?

A deposit of 15% of the package chosen by the client, plus a caution fee of BDS $250.00, is required in order to secure your date. The conditions under which the deposit will be refunded are outlined in the museum’s cancellation policy.

What is the payment schedule for the total bill?

After the deposit is paid, the client is required to make the final payment no later than 30 days before the event.

What is your cancellation policy?

A cancellation by the client 30 days before the event will result in forfeit of 100% of the deposit. A cancellation made less than 30 days before the event will result in a 100% refund of any payments that have been received by the Barbados Museum & Historical Society at that time.

What is the venue’s rental fee?

There are two wedding packages for clients to choose from. The first one starts at BDS $1,150.00 which is a package that you build on. The second package is BDS $3,000.00 and is designed for a maximum of 150 persons.  Both packages can accommodate the number of guests the client is having, whether that is more or less than 150 persons.

For décor do you offer a set-up and tear-down service? If yes, is there is cost involved?

Clients are responsible for the set up and the break-down of the décor for their wedding.

How long does the couple have use of the space for their event? Do you charge for running overtime?

The couple can use the space from as early as they need to on the day of the event until 12:00 a.m. If the client wants the event to go past that time it must be agreed upon before the event and an hourly rate will be applied.

Do you have any particular rules or policies  which must be observed?

Food must be prepared offsite, sternos for warmers may be used but no open flame is allowed on the compound.  There are also a few large artefacts in some corridors – these are not to be moved or tampered with under any circumstances.

Are tours of the museum available to wedding guests during the event?

Galleries are generally closed for the duration of events. However, the client can request that the galleries be opened for self-guided tours. It should be noted that a fee is charged for this service.

Do you offer any additional services?

Security is provided for the duration of the event, as well as housekeeping services for the bathrooms during the event and tidying of the courtyards after the event ends.

Who will be supervising on the day of the wedding?

The clients will be responsible for their proceedings on the day. However, the Museum’s event co-ordinator will be present at the venue on the day of the event to supervise, ensuring that the clients are comfortable and that regulations for use of the venue are adhered to.

Do you host more than one wedding on the same day?

No, the Museum does not host more than one wedding on the same day.

Does the venue have enough space for a band and/or dancing?

There is a paved stage in the centre of the lower courtyard which can facilitate performances, bands or dancing if this is what the client desires. Approximately  50 persons can dance on our stage at any given time.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Museum is wheelchair accessible with wide paved corridors along the perimeter of the grounds in both courtyards. There is also a bathroom with amenities suitable for the disabled.

Where can the guests park?

Parking at the Barbados Museum is located conveniently directly in front of the entrance to the venue. Additional parking space is also located at the side of the venue.

For more information:

Browse their website at
You can also find their Vendor Directory page here.
The Barbados Museum & Historical Society can be reached at (246) 427-0201 or via e-mail.

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