Time for another wedding inspiration post based on T.V shows- this time we’re looking at the X-Files with Mulder and Scully!!

I suppose after the ‘Fringe’ board this was inevitable but I have to admit I was feeling very reluctant about tackling this- I mean its Mulder and Scully- that’s almost like sacred ground for me! Anyway, I had fun doing this and just to see my T.V heroes again made me smile. So, to my fellow Fringe and X-Files fan who brought this up- subsequently haunting my mind for weeks – this one is for you:

The Bride’s Style: Elegantly Classic

Bridal-Style-X-Files-Scully Image- Jim Hjelm Bridal Gown (2), Scullyism

Scully’s wardrobe on the show was ugly – seriously ugly. Who knows what that was about? I mean Olivia’s clothing on Fringe was not the prettiest either (except for her hot leather jacket!) but her wardrobe was still way more wearable than the horrible suits Scully appeared in.

Anyway, Scully’s style – for what it’s worth- seemed very understated and demure so I think this beautiful and minimalist Jim Hjelm gown would work for her. I decided on an A-line silhouette because Gillian Anderson is very petite (she had to stand on a specially designed box when sharing screen  time with David Duchovny who is a full 10 inches taller).

Sheath gowns, dresses with empire waistlines or those with column styles are other great options for you petite women out there. Ball gowns or voluminous dresses are definitely not recommended because they will swallow your frame.

The Wedding: Sweet and Simple

Mulder-and-Scully-x-files-Wedding-InspirationImages- Style Me Pretty (Steve Steinhardt Photography), Fanpop, Wall Decals Easy, Style Me Pretty (Virgil Bunao Photography), Style Me Pretty (Jose Villa Photography), Style me Pretty (Blynda DaCosta Photography), Style Unveiled (Odalys Mendez Photography), Oncewed (Kurt Boomer Photography)

I chose a very simple, organic style for the pair. Mulder and Scully definitely wouldn’t go in for all the major fussiness and elaborate details associated with some weddings. I like an outdoors setting- maybe because I seem to recall the two of them in a lot of outdoor scenes. In any case, it’s in keeping with a more laid-back environment which they and their fellow agents could relax in (unless the aliens land *wink*).

Notice the candles in the above pic? I chose that image because I think Mulder and Scully would definitely set up a memorial table with candles or some other type of tribute for the sisters they each lost- Samantha and Melissa.

The burlap favor bags (between the cake and the candles) would contain Mulder’s favourite snack- sunflower seeds.

I didn’t include images of an imagined ceremony but I think Scully would go back to her Catholic roots and do a traditional church wedding.

Mulder and Scully Forever

Mulder-and-Scully-ForeverImages- Bulkdvdset, Musings of an X-Phile, Almost White and BlackPinterest, Fanpop, Scifi Cool

What’s your favourite X-Files memory or episode?

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