I don’t know about you guys, but on Fridays I go into full cruise mode. Nothing can disturb my peace and I always try to treat myself in some small way – like by catching up with a favourite T.V show or enjoying a yummy snack (with way too many calories :p ).

Our fiercely fab Friday editions are another perfect treat because I get to escape into the gorgeous, dreamy world of wedding fashion where glamour and elegance are the order of the day. It’s my virtual form of window-shopping- I’m not in the market to buy anything but I get so much joy from just enjoying the beauty around me.

That feeling is definitely heightened with the Zoog Studio Bridal Collection for 2013 – the sheer drama and boldness of these gowns is so mesmerizing with their plunging necklines, open backs and cutouts. I love the way this is tempered by all of the delicate lace details and sleek, graceful lines. Just sheer perfection!

wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-3 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-11 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-12 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-34 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-26 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-27 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-28 Wedding-Dresses-Zoog-Bridal-4 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-23 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-33 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-24 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-25 Wedding-Dresses-Zoog-Bridal-2 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-22 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-29 Wedding-Dresses-Zoog-Bridal-3 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-31 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-2 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-32 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-1 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-4 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-5 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-6 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-7 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-8 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-10 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-9 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-13 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-14 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-15 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-16 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-19 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-18 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-17 wedding-dresses-by-Zoog-Bridal-21Zoog Studio

Hope you’re enjoying your Friday as much as I’m enjoying mine. Have a great weekend!!

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