Sometimes the lines between photographic art and painted art become very fine and blurry. Such is the case with this spectacle of color that came to us from photographer Beige Weddings. Color and composition are splashed across this analog tapestry in a way that captivates and brings us back to the roots of what makes beautiful imagery.

from the photographer: “Inspired by Claude Monet’s painting Marine and its reflections of light on the pure elements of earth, water, and sky. We chose Tofino, BC Canada as our location because of the stunning long beach, the brilliant orange of the setting sun glimmers amid the damp air and dances on the gentle rippling water, lighting up its iridescent blues and greens. Despite the soft and pastel background, we wanted to feature the wide & free vibe, which was also reflected in the floral design, as well as the dresses.”

Designed & Shot by: Beige Weddings / Floral Design by: Balconi Floral Design Studio / Dress Design by: O M Design / Calligraphy Design by: Michelle Kwee / Model: Kaytee / Ring Box by: The Mrs Box

Bajan Wed