Today we take you to a place of white sand, where heaven and earth meet at the sea – Anna Maria Island! We’ve featured several sessions at this lovely spot, and today’s couple once again made it look good 🙂

from the photographer, Natashia Nicole: “Bianca and Kainoa are one of those absolutely genuine couples; totally in love and in-sync, simply meant to be. Bianca lived in Europe and decided to attend the University of Hawaii, where Kainoa lived and attended college. They met in Hawaii and eventually moved to the Tampa area. Bianca and Kainoa were put into my path by pure chance. Bianca is a photographer herself, and by pure luck we happened across each other in a photography group. She was looking for an engagement photographer in South West Florida, and I was looking for a couple to shoot a beach engagement session with while traveling to Florida. I contacted her and asked if they would be willing to travel from Tampa to Anna Maria Island for the session. They said yes! Anna Maria Island is the absolute most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Its white powder beaches, clear blue water, and quaint coastal community is unlike anywhere else on earth. We had a wonderful time exploring Bean Point on Anna Maria Island at sunset.”

photographer: Natashia Nicole

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