I am so pleased to bring you this Barbados beach wedding from Erin Campbell Photography. There’s so much that I love about this wedding- the bridal party’s cool pose in homage to ‘Bridesmaids’ (one of my favourite movies!), the portrait shots of the gorgeous bride which range from artistic to charmingly sweet, the lovely palette of crisp whites and neutral earth tones and the air of calm serenity pouring out of the photos. Not to mention: wedding + sandals + shades = pure win in my books! Proof that a beach wedding can be fun AND gorgeous in one go.

Check out the pretty pics and our interview with Erin, the lovely talent behind the lens. Erin is a wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Ontario, Canada and you can see more of her terrific work here.

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Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Here’s our interview with Erin Campbell:

Did you always want to be a photographer?

EC: No, I was a training manager for a fast food restaurant for 14 years. I worked long hours, every weekend and statutory holiday, and never saw my children. I have always enjoyed art and painting, and felt like photography was another form of art in which I could express myself.  A bonus to being self employed would be  that I could control the time I spent with my children.

What do like most about wedding photography?

EC: I am there for an extremely happy time in people’s lives.

Was this your first trip to Barbados?

EC:Yes it was. I have shot weddings in Cuba and the Dominican [Republic] though.

What was it like shooting a wedding here?

EC: It was perfect. The light was dreamy there. I was a little sad at how quickly the sun goes down there though.

What were some of your favourite moments from that day?

EC: I loved how laid back everyone was. Sometimes weddings can be stressful for everyone involved but there, it was so relaxed and done on “Island” time. Everyone was so very welcoming and made us feel like family.

What did you enjoy the most about the island?

EC: The sights! So many beautiful things to shoot!

Is it more difficult to shoot a Destination Wedding?

EC: I personally do not think so. They are much more laid back than weddings here. Always warmer, and always have such beautiful light and scenery.

What should couples think about or consider when they’re choosing a photographer for their Destination wedding?

EC: I think that they should make sure that the photographer is a “good fit”.They have to spend an entire week with them and it would be awful if they didn’t mesh. They should make sure the photographer is professional, timely, and that they have different methods of backing up the wedding files before flying home.

Huge thanks to the lovely couple and to Erin for sharing these gorgeous pics!


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