One of the ways you can give your wedding a Tropical feel is by incorporating Caribbean motifs into your décor and details. The key with using a motif is not being too literal – in other words you’re not just stamping a symbol here, there and everywhere and calling it a theme. You’re going to use the colours associated with your theme as well as any other images which may go with your motif to create a vivid and interesting cohesion.

This wedding from the event guru, Colin Cowie, is a perfect example. The couple utilized a sea-horse motif on linen napkins and ceremony programs . Other images associated with the sea, such as coral and sea bubbles, were also used in elements of the décor  and a blue and white beach palette with tiny hints of red and green further complemented the theme. Everything meshes together seamlessly in a stunning oceanic vision.

Ocean Motif

beach-ocean-wedding-motifImages- Colin Cowie Weddings (Elizabeth Etienne Photography)

This Maui wedding from Style Me Pretty uses another Tropical motif- the monstera leaf. The execution here is a bit more literal but its balanced by some creativity. I love the way the tropical leaf pattern is weaved into the flower girls’ dresses and the monstera ring-bearer pillow is quite artful.

Monstera Leaf Motif

tropical-wedding-monstera-leafImages- Style Me Pretty (Anna Kim Photography)

Here are some inspiration boards created around other motifs you could consider for your Caribbean wedding-

Ombre Ocean Tide Motif

ocean-tide-wedding-motifImages- Elum Designs, Polka Dot Bride (Fi Mims Photography), 100 Layer Cake (Honey Honey Photography), J & Em Clutch Co., Wai-Ching, Java Cupcake, Style Me Pretty (Pobke Photography), Style Me Pretty (Volatile Photography)

Tropical Flower Motif with Heliconia and Birds-of Paradise

The flowers are similar so why not use them together? Other more commonly used Tropical flower motifs include hibiscus, plumeria and orchids.

Tropical-Wedding-Heliconia-and-Birds-Of-Paradise-MotifImages- Mospens Studio, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons,  Bridal Guide (Photo by Geranium Lake Flowers) Bridal Guide (Memoire Studio), Marry Me Tampa Bay (Kristen Weaver Photography),  Here Comes The GuideDestination Weddings & Honeymoons (Brian Callaway Photography)Aloha Island Weddings

Palm Tree Motif

tropical-wedding-palm-tree-motifImages- Jose Villa, Style Me Pretty (K T Merry Photography), Elizabeth Anne Designs (Nashan Photographers), Southern Living (A Bryan Photo), Inspired By This  (Abby Jiu Photography), Paper-Source via Bridal Buds

Destination/Travel Motif

wedding-destination-travel-motifImages- Jenny Haas via Le Frufru, Style Me Pretty (Laura Ivanova Photography), Bridal Musings (Alixann Loosle Photography), Alexandra Kolendrianos (Jose Villa Photography), D Sharp, Nelwin Uy Photography via One Fine Day Events, Martha Stewart Weddings

You can also take a look at this wedding on Style Me Pretty which used a Nautical Motif and you can find another here on Ruffled.

For more ideas and inspiration, Ceci New York has some absolutely stunning Tropical tablescapes inspired their invitations. The pics are just breath-taking!! Bella Figura has a nice collection of Destination Motifs you can browse through for design ideas.

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