Hi guys, hope your weekend was great. To cheer you up from your Monday morning blues I’m bringing you a little inspiration from another (see previous post) favourite T.V show of mine- Scandal.

I adore Olivia Pope & Co. – especially Huck. My husband is actually pretty disappointed that I’m not doing a board for Huck because that’s his favourite character.

So Olivia passed on the chance to marry Edison (which would have been a disaster anyway- though she claimed not) and hopefully she’s never going to marry Fitz (I am so over him)- don’t see her getting together with Captain Jake Ballard (yeah he’s cute but with the whole spying thing- even though he seems to be semi-decent and is even questioning Fitz’s behaviour – um, I just don’t see it ending well).

olivia-popeImages- Pinterest, Scandal Moments (Tumblr)

When is the girl going to catch a break here? I am keeping the faith so- Shonda Rhimes you better make it happen!

Liv is a tough as nails, no-nonsense business woman who is virtually unflappable in the boardroom.

On the other hand, she has a soft, vulnerable side, big romantic notions (though somewhat delusional and a tad self-destructive which she learned the hard way) and even though some of her motives are questionable, it’s clear that she also has a big heart- which explains why her personal life is such a mess.

I made two boards to reflect each of these sides- hard and soft.

Soft and Feminine {white and neutrals}

white-neutrals-wedding-olivia-popeImages- Wedding Chicks (Elizabeth Messina Photography), PinterestElizabeth Anne Designs (Kristyn Hogan Photography), Ruffled (Megan Plenge Photography), Elizabeth Anne Designs (Kristyn Hogan Photography), Style Me Pretty (Harwell Photography), StyleBlueprint (Tec Petaja Photography), Couture Events (Ohana Photography), Style Me Pretty (Tanja Lippert Photography), Style Me Pretty (Austin Warnock Photography)

Classic with an Edge {black and white}

black-white-wedding-olivia-popeScandal Moments (Tumblr), My Texas Wedding, BHLDN, We Heart It, Vera Wang (Simon Ho Photography), Oh So Beautiful Paper, Pinterest, Weddington Way, EllaGajewskaHats (Etsy), Issac Mizrahi, Pinterest

If you’re a fan of the show you may have noticed that Olivia’s wardrobe actually favours the colours seen in both inspiration boards. Which board do you prefer?

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