I’m a huge fan of  ‘New Girl’ and last week two of the lead characters- Nick and Jess- finally kissed- epic!! I know it’s going to be an on-again off-again romance in typical sitcom fashion but for now I’m ecstatic. So here’s a little inspiration for all of you fellow fans out there.

Jess’s Style- Classic Audrey Hepburn

new-girl-wedding-inspiration-3 Images-Theia dress via Mninvites.Tumblr, PinterestKenneth Pool dress via New York Mag, ballet flats via OneWed, vintage cardigan on Ebay via Pinterest

Zooey Deschanel (the actress who plays Jess), is our modern day Audrey Hepburn and has a very cute, feminine, vintage style which is echoed in Jess’s wardrobe. I think the short Theia dress seen above on the left, would be perfect for Jess’s rehearsal or reception dress.

For the wedding itself, Jess would be radiant in a timelessly elegant and classic ball gown like this Kenneth Pool on the right. As the night wears on and in keeping with her style, Jess might pair either dress with a cool vintage cardigan, like this Ebay find pictured above, or she might chose one of  the many coloured cardis in her wardrobe to add a pop of colour.

Deschanel adores ballet flats and the cute, sparkly pair seen in the above pic would be so perfect for Jess.

Jess’s Hair- Pretty Head Bling

new-girl-wedding-inspiration-2 Images -Jade Rose for Sarah Seven via Sarah Seven

Headbands are a favourite accessory for Jess and either of these gorgeous pieces from the Jade Rose for Sarah Seven collection would be so gorgeous!!!

The Party- Rustic Vintage

new-girl-wedding-inspiration-1Images-Pinterest, Style Me Pretty (Lili Durkin Photo), Cake by Tucker’s Icecream via Ruffled, Casasugar, DIY Candy poppers via Style Me Pretty, Pinterest

This look is the perfect combination for Nick who has a kind of rugged charm that would fit a rustic setting and for Jess, who embodies an attractive vintage and romantic sensibility.

General Vibe- Total Fun!

new-girl-wedding-inspiration-4Images-ConcertPoster.org, The Knot (Aruna B Photography), Bridal Musings (Marianne Taylor Photo), Green Wedding Shoes (Priscila Valentina Photography), Pinterest

New Girl is hilarious and a bridal party consisting of Schmidt, Winston and CeCe is a guarantee that yes, hijinks will most certainly ensue, followed by general mayhem. I expect to see at least one round of the show’s made-up drinking game ‘True American’, a crazy photo booth session and loads of fun.

Will definitely do a board for CeCe and Schmidt in the future! Care to see other boards inspired by your favourite TV or movie characters? Drop me a line and let me know.


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