Oh how the time flies! I hope a lovely weekend was had by all and that you’re ready to take on the world! Now for your Monday eye candy – sometimes I start off with a vision for one kind of inspiration board and end up with something quite different altogether. Today’s detour became a foray into the enchanting, underwater palace of mermaids with a palette of neutrals and metallics. If you love vintage glam and the old world look, this would be a great way to combine some of those stylish elements with a nautical theme.

Mer Queen {Neutrals and Metallics}

Mer Queen: Neutrals and Metallic AccentsImages- Elizabeth Anne Designs (Elizabeth Messina Photography)Burnett’s Boards (Alea Lovely Photography), Style Me Pretty (Esther Sun Photography)Style Me Pretty (Jose Villa Photography), Ruffled (Christina Szczupak Photography), Magnolia Rouge (Laura Gordon Photography), Style Me Pretty (Ozzie Garcia Photography), Laura Catherine Photography, Model.Net.NZ (Laura Tait Photography)

While the diversion was fun (I have always been fascinated with (and terrified by) tales of those powerful,  mythical sea creatures), next Monday, I promise to post the initial idea I was working on for you (unless some other magical creature lures me away first!).

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