Hey everyone, sorry for missing our usual Wednesday and Friday posts last week – I was completely swamped with work and my free time took a big hit. Anyway, it’s great to be back – when I’m not blogging my whole world feels off-kilter. So, I promised you another Tropical board and here it is!

I felt like doing something light, relaxed and intimate which fits nicely with a sea-side setting. There’s nothing more freeing than the wind in your hair, the feeling of warm sand caressing your feet and an ocean of blue stretched out before you!

Tropical Blue {soft blues and neutral tones}

Inspiration Board: Tropical BlueImages- Snippet and Ink (KT Merry Photography), JL Designs (Jose Villa Photography), Once Wed(Jose Villa Photography)Snippet and Ink (KT Merry Photography), Once Wed (Rylee Hitchner Photography)100 Layer Cake (Jose Villa Photography), Found Rentals (Jose Villa Photography)

Bajan Wed