Spring is here and that means Easter is just around the corner too. What better time of year than to update and refresh your closet with some ultra feminine floral dresses, perfect for that spring soiree or Easter Sunday? These pieces from AW Bridal can multipurpose as bridesmaids dresses, Sunday church dresses, or just the perfect dress for when you’re feeling extra fancy! It’s honestly rare to find dresses that can work for all these situations (anyone have that bridesmaid dress still in their closet that you wore once to a wedding and never could find a use for again??)

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The AW Alison Dress is shown above, or you can get a very similar look in a tea party length dress below.

The Coralia dress above is giving us such fun vibes! And the Cirrus dress and Patty dress shown below are perfect for going either with a very light look or a darker and glam vision.

If you’re still looking for that perfect dress for Easter, we recommend checking out the following three dresses for the perfect light and airy spring look!

(above – Littie Dress, Dallas Dress, and Marsha Dress.)

Whichever dress you choose, spring is the perfect time to feel fun and flirty in fresh and floral looks like these! You can’t go wrong with any option!

This post is sponsored by AW Bridal.

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