I always love Theia’s fresh, youthful look. For their Fall 2014 collection, Designer Don O’Neill continued to keep things interesting with a collection featuring dreamy ‘Midas Touch’ gold gowns, an ultra chic sweater and pants suit, a lovely, hooded cloak, delightful textured details, elegant lace necklines and modern, clean silhouettes. Such fun exuberance…and the perfect way to start off our Monday morning! Do Enjoy!

theia-white-bridal22theia-white-bridal01theia-white-bridal21 theia-white-bridal20 theia-white-bridal14 theia-white-bridal10 theia-white-bridal09 theia-white-bridal13 theia-white-bridal17 theia-white-bridal18 theia-white-bridal19 theia-white-bridal15 theia-white-bridal07 theia-white-bridal06 theia-white-bridal05 theia-white-bridal16 theia-white-bridal12 theia-white-bridal08 theia-white-bridal11 theia-white-bridal02 theia-white-bridal04 theia-white-bridal03WWD (John Aquino)

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