A beautiful and stunning inspiration shoot in Provence, complete with luxury details and a beautiful backdrop!

from the planner: “The idea for this shoot came from photographer Christophe Serrano and wedding planner @Hedherawedding, a crack team. They wanted an elegant, natural setting that would be in harmony with the sober, authentic surroundings of the Château de Mille.

This original venue full of history was an obvious choice, as it has just been renovated and is now ready to welcome new weddings. It occupies the site of an ancient Roman villa and was built on the oldest wine-growing estate in the Luberon. In 1238, it was the residence of the bishops of Apt and the popes of Avignon.

Built on and into a rocky escarpment, this jewel of the feudal era was extended over the centuries with the addition of gardens and a family bastide. The château features several troglodytic dwellings, Renaissance mullioned windows, machicolations, gargoyles, a vaulted room, a chapel perched in its tower, a dovecote… But the most intriguing feature is its monolithic suspended staircase, a true masterpiece of stone carving.

The rock, sometimes grey, sometimes ochre, is the neutral, natural backdrop for this shoot, but it also serves to highlight the work of a whole team of quality service providers.

So it was in this world steeped in history that Amber and Ethan decided to marry. Their trip to France began with a simple engagement session in the lavender fields. The Sarah dress, with its embroidered tulle bodice with thin straps and crinkled chiffon skirt, made by designer @mademoisellerevemariage, was the perfect choice for our bride.

Then came the big day. A secular ceremony was held at the foot of a cliff embedded in the Château de Mille.

The bouquet was made for the occasion by @maison_velvet_fleurs. Roses for femininity, sweet peas for lightness and delicacy, clematis for elegance and refinement, and bellflowers for the volume they bring to floral arrangements.

The bride wore a short Estelle dress in the front and a long Estelle dress in the back with embroidered lace flowers, designed by @mademoisellerevemariage, and the groom wore a @team_blandindelloye_annecy suit.

A Ford Mustang cabriolet rounded off the couple’s session inside the château. To recover from their emotions, dinner was held in the château’s inner courtyard. A table in shades of powder pink, blue and gold was laid for the occasion, giving the evening a warm, romantic, vintage feel.”

And so ends this fashion editorial shoot, elegant and relaxed under the sun of Provence and the sound of cicadas.

Venue: @chateau_de_mille
Photographer: @cristeledomanecphotographe
Workshop Host: @christophe_serrano_wedding Planning and design: @hedherawedding
Floral designer: @maison_velvet_fleurs Assistant photographer : @matt_kobi
Floral designer: @maison_velvet_fleurs Videographer: @weddintime
Dresses: @mademoisellerevemariage
Suits: @team_blandindelloye_annecy Stationary: @rue.vendome
Hairdresser: @Coiffindustry
MUA: @nais.dulieu
Car: @voiturespassion
Rentals: @jolibazaar @locasouhait
Jewelries: @jonidaripan
Wedding rings: @nionshuvaloff
Models: Nicolas.rouye & @leafdrr

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