Who is looking forward to the days of travel again? Even though flying to different places and experiencing culture has bene more limited this past year – we know the day when it resumes is just around the corner! In the meantime, enjoy this virtual trip to Japan that celebrates Japanese culture and heritage.

from the photographer: “Japan is the country of the rising sun! What else can thrill a creative team? Nation, history, architecture, culture and customs are endless inspiration and a mass of emotions, feelings and spiritual harmony.
… We got the opportunity to touch the culture of Japan when we met Maya. Maya is a native Japanese girl and ballet dancer. In recent years she has been living and working in Minsk with her friend Bishka, who also has Japanese roots.

The project that we conceived was supposed to fully reflect the culture of this undoubtedly unique country, preserve its values ​​and features.

In the project, we used national shoes (zori) and clothing (kimono and juban) of Japan, that origins from the distant 80s of the 20th century. We were also provided with the handmade national notes made in Japan in 1920s, antique details and photographs of our Maya’s ancestors.

In the looks, we used classic Japanese hairstyles and handmade national head jewelry. In the make-up, we added a little European natural notes, emphasized the natural beauty of our heroines and deliberately left the usual classic Japanese women’s makeup.

We paid special attention to locations for shooting. We wanted to show the pure and virgin nature that is distinctive for the country of the rising sun.

This creative project has a special place in our hearts. This project is an opportunity to create something unique within our homeland and gain tremendous experience in preparing and working with a completely different culture, nation and customs. We hope that our viewer, looking at the wonderful photos and video footage from the talented photographer Yuli Galygina and videographer Yevgeny Grishchenko, will be able to completely immerse themselves in some absolutely fabulous atmosphere of this amazing country, live this story with us, find spiritual harmony and touch to something really beautiful.”

Photographer: Yulia Galygina

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