from the photographer, Dust & Dreams Photography: “Attending the Ardor Workshop hosted by Jacob Brooks from Brumley and Wells I knew that there were magic to be had; in all shapes, sizes and forms. 

And heading to Kazbegi, in The Republic of Georgia, where this coveted workshop took place amongst the ruggedly, unforgiving mountains the charm of what was to come was palatable. 

On the second afternoon of our stay in Kazbegi, we were bundled into a minivan and here is where all the magic started: A winding, climbing road led us to a tiny village nestled in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains. Tsdo was unlike anything I have ever seen before… peeling salmon shaded paint, dreamy washing lines lined with crisp white linen boisterously dancing in the wind; all while forlorn chickens scratched tirelessly at our feet.

Every single turn of the head revealed something unique and an organic soul that only rural villages truly have. It truly had it all, from a tethered heifer, a larger than life vegetable garden and a somewhat rusty sedan standing at the top of the hill.

The perfect backdrop for an epic editorial.

Styled by Annie Brooks & Whitney Watts from The Wells Makery the editorial encapsulated rural life and a sense of slow living that can only be found at the edges of this world. Everything about the styling felt organic, natural and real… like these two lovers just hastily grabbed their coats before strolling through the village before sunset.

Maybe they were heading to a friend’s place or family and there was already someone in the kitchen peeling root veggies and carefully folding meaty dumplings… maybe they just wanted to enjoy the last of the day walking hand in hand… who knows?

Amongst the mist; amongst those mountains and surrounded by very unique artisans dream was born…”

Photography: Dust and Dreams Photography /   Styling, paper goods & workshop branding: The Wells Makery  / Hair & make-up: Yana Bendeliani /  Models: Tazo Rtveliashvili & Mariam Budagashvili / Male attire: Commun’s /  Model agency: Geo Models / Handmade coat: Flying Painter Store  / Film lab: Negative Lab
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