Let’s take a trip today, shall we? How does Morocco sound for this elegant and magical engagement session?

from the couple: “Claudio and I met through a mutual friend at a house party in Los Angeles. We continued bumping into each other over the next couple of weeks at gatherings arranged by our friends as it was our last semester in college. One evening, a friend noticed Claudio has been picking on me over dinner and told me that he seems interested.. I laughed it off because I didn’t believe it was true. We lost contact when Claudio left the States for our home country of Indonesia. It was only a few months later that it’s my turn to head back home for good.

He called me up as soon as I’m back, we went on multiple dates and have been together ever since!

What first drew us to Morocco was its vibrant city color and culture. We were also mesmerized by the scenes from the movie Aladdin which features elements from Morocco’s magical surroundings. Claudio and I have always wanted an airy yet intimate atmosphere for our engagement session so we thought that a riad would fit the bill. We searched through travel websites to find stylish, colonial-style riads and when we chanced upon Tarabel, we instantly knew that it is the one!”

Photographer: Heather Waraksa / Marketing Agency: The Wedding Artists Co.

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