What a magical and romantic place Venice is. And what better place to spend a honey moon? We hope you enjoy the one of a kind experience this place offers in these images.

from the photographer: “In itself, Venice is an enchanting place with an established history of further inspiring creative minds, crafty hands, and hearts in love. As timeless as love itself, the city was the perfect setting to capture the look of love and the passion and desire in the atmosphere between Alisa and Rui through Naoko’s exceptional destination wedding planning prowess and the expertise of Venice photographer, Stefano Degirmenci.

Sparks flew as they held each other’s gaze and as they held each other’s hands. As their eyes meet and their hand’s touch, there seems to be a silent conversation of how each other promises to be there with each other, for each other, for better or for worse. Being around the playfully romantic couple, you will feel the intensity of passion and the aroma of sheer bliss in the atmosphere that would make you want to just bask in that atmosphere around them and be a part of this precious love story’s unfolding.

The golden sunset that graced that one late September day was the perfect touch to highlight the beauty of both the historic Rialto Bridge and the couple. Instead of serving as a backdrop to Rui and Alisa, the presence of the bridge and the sight of the couple appearing like a threshold to forever created a pleasantly intoxicating concoction of romance where history meets promise and it was the perfect moment captured in photos – an exquisite beauty for everyone to behold.

In some of the photos, you can also see pieces of evidence of daily living – showing how the couples’ dreams do not ignore reality. These photos are more than just memories of a special moment for the newlywed couple but they also captured the place’s culture. These photos tell multiple stories in themselves.

As the Rialto Bridge joins two sections of the city, the photos also showed two lives about to become one as intricate reliefs adding to the bridge’s charm, the smiles on the couple’s lips and the look of love in their eyes intensify their union as they become husband and wife.
On the day of their honeymoon photo shoot session, the couple wore their respective favorite color. Rui is wearing a shirt and bow tie are from the Florentine brand ATESETA. They are showing their individuality as they celebrate their love and union, with their commitment to continue to their life’s journey as a couple while nurturing each other’s individuality.”

Photography: Stefano Degirmenci
Planner: Wedding Scenes Inc.
Personal Stylist: Lui Color Style
Shirt and Bow Tie’ Brand: ATESETA

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