Young love by a river. One of the quintessential icons of love and summer romance. Today we’re bringing you this honeymoon inspiration that embodies this feeling and puts it into a visual reference that we are absolutely in love with!

from the photographer: “This session highlights a secret gem nestled in Southern Oregon – the Illinois river. Famous for its clear, blue waters and deep swimming pools. I was inspired to shoot a fun and modern “honeymoon” session at Southern Oregon’s favorite local spot in the summertime. Shot 100% on film, this styled shoot came to life with Sequoia’s red hair contrasted by the deep blue of the flowing river. Jesse’s ripped and rolled jeans have an old Tom Sawyer inspiration with a modern twist. Their love for each other is evident in the gentle touches and in-between moments. This session is the perfect balance between tender elegance and a modern 21st-century couple.”

Photography: Emily Kirsten Photography

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