How to Choose a Wedding Planner for Your Destination Wedding

How many trips to your venue do you have to take before your big day? You and your fiancé are working during the week and are budgeting for your big day. Instead of spending extra time and money-making multiple visits to your wedding venue, hire a wedding planner that is based in your destination.

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Before You Pick a Wedding Planner

Make sure you and your fiancé are on the same page.

  • Set a budget – so your wedding planner knows what is within your price range and can offer you the best services to keep you in range of your budget.
  • Number of Guests – Have an idea of how many people you would like to invite to your destination wedding, so your wedding planner can best accommodate your guests. They will know how many tables to provide, how to arrange ceremony chairs, and how much food to order.
  • Vision – Utilize Pinterest so both of you will be on the same page of what to expect on your wedding day. Create a must-have list so neither of you will be over compromising.

Hire a Wedding Planner Based at Your Wedding Destination

  • If your planner is from the area of your wedding this will get rid of guesswork because the wedding planner will already have a list of trusted vendors that they have worked with in the past.
  • You’ll save time and money. You can save yourself multiple trips to the venue. Your wedding planner will be able to easily access your venue.
  • There is no additional research required on your end. You will not have to coordinate your guest’s arrival times and coordinate transportation to the venue. Instead, your wedding planner will provide your guests with smooth transportation from the airport to their hotel.
  • Your local wedding planner most likely already has experience working multiple events at your specific venue. They will be able to give you detailed recommendations from experience, such as- where to take the best wedding photos as the sun sets, and where to hang your decor.
  • Local wedding planners can give a great recommendation to you and your guests for activities, best restaurants, and must-see attractions.

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Speak with Your Wedding Planner Before Committing

  • Some venues recommend using their wedding planner, but it is important to speak or meet them before committing.
  • Meet with them face-to-face if you have the time and budget to fly down for a quick visit. If this is not an option, schedule a video call. This will help ensure you that you trust and feel comfortable with your wedding planner.

Questions to ask your wedding planner:

  • How long have you been in the wedding planning industry?
  • When was the last wedding you planned?
  • How many clients do you take on in a year?
  • Is this your full-time job?
  • How many weddings do you have during the month of our wedding?

Someone Who Speaks the Same Language as You

  • Rather than working on translating a language, your wedding planner will be focused on translating your dream wedding into a reality.
  • This will make communication easier and you won’t have to worry about cultural barriers.

photo by Bajan Wed Vendor Asia Pimental

Trust & Relax

After you’ve picked your wedding planner, sit back, relax, and trust your wedding planner. They will have plenty of insights that Google cannot give you. They are aware of the minor details that most people tend to overlook. If a problem arises, it won’t be the first time for them- they already have a plan b, plan c, and plan d in place!

Local wedding planners have the experience and knowledge to ensure you a stress-free and beautiful wedding day!

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