Wedding days are often a mix of traditional and current styles — in true “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” fashion. But several classic trends have recently received a makeover, and they’re ready to make a comeback.

Whether your family members want you to stick to long-held customs or you’re struggling to let go of an out-of-date idea, you can keep many tried-and-true weddings elements with a few contemporary changes. Check out these five modern upgrades to classic wedding trends to incorporate in your celebration.


This throwback to the days of Princess Diana features a change in bridal bouquets that will have you swooning. Full cascading bouquets are back, but they aren’t as structured as Princess Di’s floral design was. The trend in wedding greenery has these modern collections of blooms dominated by foliage.

Long bouquets now have a loose design with plenty of texture. Although they still follow a teardrop shape with a vibrant bunch at the top, the new bouquet has a trail of wispy greens. Eucalyptus, jasmine, and ferns give these an organic look usher in a new age of wedding botanical.

photos by Callie Manion


The older trend of shabby chic weddings never really left the scene. Instead, it has evolved to keep up with modern tastes. From up-cycled antiques to natural accents, this theme has always tied together elegance and rugged decor. Now, the mismatched appeal of this trend has shifted to become earthier and softer.

Rustic elements are still popular in weddings, but now desert-inspired decor is in the mix. A selection of woodsy furniture can give you a fresh take on shabby chic, so include sturdy farm tables with lush garlands and dreamy lighting. Catch up with the trends by outfitting all your vintage furniture and accessories with an excess of vibrant plants.


Personal messages from your guests no longer must be kept in simple bound ledgers. Now guest books can be framed and displayed on your wall — at least when they’re in the form of a canvas. You can still get all the handwritten notes you want, but this way, they won’t be tucked away in a box.

Set out a framed canvas with a fun central image and a bundle of pens, then let your guests fill in the blank space. A hands-on version of this is to collect your guests’ thumbprints to form a picture. Give them a little guidance on where they should stamp their print, and you can soon have a makeshift picture to display.


Cake toppers as images of the bride and groom is a time-honored tradition for wedding cakes, but with new technology, this fad is back and more realistic than ever. Rather than selecting figurines that barely match the couple’s appearance, you can now get an uncanny representation of them — with a 3D printer.

With a photo of you and your soon-to-be spouse, you can place your 3D printed replicas on your three-tiered cake. Your custom cake topper can keep this wedding practice alive with a unique twist. Hold onto your mini look-a-likes after the wedding for a unique memento.


Tossing rice over the newlyweds as they escape to their honeymoon is an age-old custom, and even blowing bubbles is a little dated. But throwing things in the air to wish a new couple well doesn’t have to stop. So why not adapt your send-off in a contemporary way?

Confetti push-pops are a recent send-off trend that keeps the festive spirit and sends up a vibrant display. This lively and colorful activity is the perfect way to get guests cheering as you hop into your get-away car. The push-pop canisters are easy to use too, so every guest can participate.


You don’t have to throw out traditional wedding practices to have a stunning modern wedding. Simply revive these trends with an updated twist. You can keep your wedding in the current style while honoring the traditions of the past to create a unique and charming wedding.

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