from the photographer, Shauntell Gull: “This session was on the Outer Banks Coast of North Carolina. The forecast had shown that there would not be any rain, but Mother Nature had an even better design for this shoot than I did. Haylee and Tyler were a breath of fresh air to spike a photographers creativity. I literally felt like I was in, “The Notebook,” shooting this session! These two have a love that won’t ever grow old!”

“I love everything about my husband, Tyler. He is humble, kind and has a light about him that is indescribable. I could search every corner of this earth and still wouldn’t be able to find another “him.” Tyler is who I had always envisioned myself with. Even before I had known him, he was the person I always dreamt about, and the one person I always hoped existed. When I finally found him, I knew he was not just my forever- but he was my home.” Haylee

Photographer: Shauntell Gull 

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