From the mountainous region of Georgia, comes this organic and wild influenced wedding inspiration. If epic vistas and rugged scenery light your soul, this will get a fire going in your belly for adventure and beauty.

From the designer, Ivory Story: “The inspiration for this photo shoot was a highland area close to mountain Kazbek in Georgia. Kazbek is known for its transparent mountain air and heavenly beauty for the eyes and soul. We’ve been reaching Kazbek’s peak for more than three hours through the serpentine roads of the Caucasus. The things that we saw on the peak can’t be described by words – you should see by your own eyes to imagine all the greatness of Kazbek. Mountains with their tops high in the blue sky and endless canyons – once again we realized that the best decorations for filming were made by nature.

Our model was raised to the very top of Kazbek where The Holy Trinity Church of the XIV century is placed on the unusual for the temple altitude of 2170 meters above the sea level.

The courage of Caucasus Mountains and our brides fragile gentleness were a perfect composition for this photo shoot. It turned out to be really enchanting and fascinating. Our team is planning to come to Georgia again to enjoy this incredible scenery.”

Photography: Evgenia Mikheeva / Planning, Creative Direction, Design: Ivory Story / Calligraphy: Bibamerlo / Floral:  Ivory Story / Dress: Natasha Bovykina / Makeup: Inna Muah / Silk Ribbon: Silk Rabbit / Ring Box: Lovely Ring Box

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