Shabby chic weddings are so pretty and stylish. If you’re renting a beach house or using a rustic country villa for your Barbados wedding, here’s some shabby chic inspiration for you:

Beach Cottage Chic

shabby-chicImages- I Heart Shabby ChicChâtaigne, The Little Corner, Simply ObjektsRuffled (Amelia Johnson Photography), Rock’ N Roll Bride (Dottie Photography), Debra Hall Lifestyle, Maechevrette, Sea & Asters, Pinterest 1, 2, 79 Ideas (Rachel Whiting Photography), Awesomexx, Pinterest 1, 2

French Country Style

shabby-chicImages- Dreamy Whites, Elizabeth Anne Designs (Beaux Arts Photographie), Wedding Chicks (Phoebe Joy Photography), United With Love (Stacy Windsor Photography), Elizabeth Anne Designs (Jen Huang Photography), Elizabeth Anne Designs (Diana Lupu Photography), Wedding Chicks (Jon Schaaf Photography), Pinterest

Use soft, delicate colours and vintage décor to recreate these styles. Coastal colours create a soothing palette for a beach shabby chic wedding. For a French country style garden wedding, use a mixture of floral patterns and light, spring colours.

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