Today’s Fiercely Fab Friday edition is all about the flower girls and oh my goodness- these dresses from Tutu Du Monde are just completely adorable! I have a daughter and two nieces who love to dress up so I can just picture them going crazy with excitement over these outfits!

Tutu Du Monde is an Australian company (dresses can be purchased at their online store) run by mom, Andrea Rembeck, who describes her dainty designs as “a line of tutus that call to mind a kinder world, a gentle place where little children can imagine being a dainty Ballerina, a helpful fairy and a benevolent princess.” How perfectly sweet!

Tutu-Du-Monde-4-flower-girl-dresses Tutu-Du-Monde-1-flower-girl-dresses Tutu-Du-Monde-5-flower-girl-dresses Tutu-Du-Monde-6-flower-girl-dresses Tutu-Du-Monde-7-flower-girl-dresses Tutu-Du-Monde-10-flower-girl-dresses Tutu-Du-Monde-2-flower-girl-dresses Tutu-Du-Monde-9-flower-girl-dressesTutu Du Monde (Camille Nuttall Photography) (Alexandrena Parker Photography)

Too cute!! Have a lovely weekend!

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