A beautiful voyage together on the water! This sweet couple decided to do something a little different for their engagement photos, so they set off on the Chesapeake Bay on a lovely sailboat – the results being nothing short of magical!

from the photographer: “Aniya and Tim were such a beautiful couple who valued each other dearly and wanted to do something a little different for their engagement session. Aniya and Tim’s engagement session was set aboard a beautiful sailboat at sunset on the Chesapeake Bay. Before setting sail, Aniya and Tim enjoyed a stroll along the dock, taking in the scenery. Once the sails were set, the couple enjoyed a sunset cruise along the bay. The lighting was perfect as it shined through the sails of the boat, and gleamed off of the water. Aniya wore a beautifully embroidered white dress while Tim wore a classic blue oxford button-down shirt and khaki slacks. The couple changed into swimsuits to end the sailing cruise, sipping on San Pellegrino and savoring the moments together as the sun set over the river.”

Photographer: David Abel Photography
Planning: Glint Events
Hair: Cecily Morgan Hair

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