Hey guys, hope you had a lovely weekend! So in last week’s post we briefly touched on the seasonal changes for the weather here in Barbados (from a wet or rainy season to a  dry season). We also looked at ways to deal with rainfall on your wedding day.

Today we are looking at the flip side of the coin- how to deal with the tropical sun at your wedding!

Now, this is primarily directed at those brides who are having an outdoors ceremony and/or reception during the day, but these are tips which can be utilized by any bride.

So first off, let me start by telling you that the average daily high temperature of Barbados is about 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) which is not too bad at all. At night there is a slight drop in temperature (by about 30%). It also tends to be a bit cooler from December to about April  with some variation.

Now let us look at the ways you can enjoy our sunshine without any problems.

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Avoid the setting your wedding between 10 in the morning to 3 in the evening when it is hottest. No one wants to be squinting and sweating in their wedding photos.

Where is the Shade?

If your ceremony is outdoors, choose a shaded area under lots of trees. If this is not possible, think about using a light canopy- you can even have one built using flowers and branches to tie in with the rustic, outdoors setting. Another option is to give your guests parasols- if you are worried that they will obstruct the view of the ceremony, just have  a few available for vulnerable guests (the elderly, pregnant women or guests with babies) and set up some large market umbrellas for your other guests.

Do ensure that everyone (guests, officiant, bridal party etc ) is seated or positioned facing away from the sun. Sunglasses as favors would also be great to help keep the glare from the sun at bay. You may also want to provide sunscreen towelettes for everyone and blotting tissues for your female guests.

Keep It Cool

Ceremony program fans can do double duty in keeping your guests cool. Hand-held battery-run fans are a nice option as well. You can also consider renting a portable A/C unit but you need to be sure that it runs at a very low volume.


Have water bottles with customized labels or ice water in glasses served to your guests as soon as they arrive and throughout the event. Or set up a drinks station with water and cool refreshments like lemonade and iced tea. I would advise against serving alcohol- which is dehydrating- until the cocktail hour. Heat, plus an empty stomach and alcohol are never a good idea (as some Kadooment revelers prove time and time again!)

At cocktail hour bring out the fun frozen treats – snow cone cocktails, ice-lollies dipped in cocktails, wine smoothies (any fruity wine blended with ice and fruit) and gourmet Jello-Shots for the adults and the non-alcoholic versions for the kids.

Almost everyone loves ice-cream- why not set up an ice-cream station as part of your dessert bar. You can stick to three basic flavours and have lots of delish toppings!

Experienced Vendors

Wedding professionals in Barbados are used to dealing with the tropical heat so once you communicate your needs a good florist should be able to choose flowers that can stand up in the heat, your baker should ensure that your wedding cake will be nice and intact by the time you are ready to do the cutting and the caterers in charge of the food should know how to ensure that it is kept in proper conditions.

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